Laying in bed, watching your face, i slide my hand onto your chest, circling my fingers around your right then your left nipple; slowly caressing your chest and meandering down, down… Your eyes open a crack and you sigh, stretching, which causes your very erect cock to land in my open palm. Stroking up then down, my fingers find your sack, tickling, gently cupping and releasing, only to begin stroking you anew.

Easing my left leg over yours, I press my moistness into it, gently grinding as my hand moves to squeeze your ass. I start nibbling your ear lobe, licking the edge then moving to your neck, where the nibbling becomes little bites. Your hands move down my body to my ass, caressing and squeezing in turn. You lift your head to kiss my forehead, my cheek, finding my lips as I tilt my face to meet yours.

Our kiss deepening, my leg slides over you body, bracing myself as I move up to sit on you, gyrating gently, easing myself up and down and feeling as you part my lips, the tip of your cock just sliding in. God what a tease! You come up to suck on my nipples, your teeth biting gently then more forcefully as you hear my gasp of pleasure. Your hands start moving me to your rhythm, urging me forward then back as you slide in deeper and deeper. I bring my knees up by your chest, leaning back as I let you in all the way, filling me exquisitely. My hips mirror your motion, my hand slips down to my clit, gently pinching.

In a sudden fluid motion, you flip on to of me, straddling my right leg, holding my left leg by your hip. You thrust hard and I feel you so deep inside it almost hurts. My hand goes up to the headboard to brace myself as you continue to pound into me, over and over, our breaths coming faster and faster. With a final push you release into me, a slow moan escaping your lips and you feel me cum with you, clenching and releasing in time to your throbbing.

Giving my ass a soft smack, you fall on to of me, kissing me softly.



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