You parked away from the others today. Slipping into the back seat I wait til you get in. No one sees as a place the blindfold over your eyes. My hands start caressing your chest as my tongue begins to lick around your ear, down your neck…biting your ear lobe ever so gently.

Sliding into the front, I straddle you, nipping at your jawline, softly kissing your check, til I get to your lips. Already slightly parted, I lick them til your tongue comes out to meet mine, playing dare with each other. Our lips mesh and the kiss goes from a tease to a compulsion, tongues entwining, needy.

Our hips begin slowly grinding as passions increase, every movement an ecstasy of feeling. Slowly kneading my breasts, your mouth moves to find the right one, licking around the erect nipple, biting softly as I sigh, entranced.

My hands move to your pants, finding you so hard I have trouble unzipping you. My hand moves in, easing your cock out, stroking, slowly at first, then harder. Ah, I have to have you inside me!

Sliding off you, we pull off your pants and I resettle atop you, moving up and down, sliding my wet pussy up and down, up and down your cock. I kiss you hard, your hands in my hair, as I ever so slowly let the tip in, gyrating a little,and a bit more, until you’re filling me completely.

Our movements become a rhythm as you slide in and out of me, slowly at first, then getting more frantic, as we realize how close to cumming we are. You pull my hair as you feel your release, the slight pain and your cock throbbing inside me pushing me over the edge. Gasping in pleasure, my head thrown back, I cum hard, clenching and releasing, milking every drop out of you.

Temporarily sated, I remove your blindfold, kissing your face, your lips, before sliding off you.



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